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Statement of Belarusian National Platform on signing the treaty establishing the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC) by the Republic of Belarus

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In its statement on the treaty establishing the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC)  the Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum expressed its disagreement with 'signing by Aliaksandr Lukashenka the treaty on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union on behalf of our country'. 

The signing of the treaty establishing the EAEC causes significant harm to the national interests of the Republic of Belarus, as well as deprives our country some opportunities of geopolitical and civilizational choice, including more intensive and long-term oriented cooperation with the European Union and using the potential of the Eastern Partnership, the statement says.

Creation of EAEC actually is an alliance of outsiders and can’t be a counterweight to the European Union neither by economic parameters nor by qualitative institutional and political characteristics. Agreement on the EAEC is declarative in nature and is not able to ensure long-term realization of the interests of the Republic of Belarus.

Full statement (in RU, BY)

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