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Statement of the Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administration Reform in support of the ongoing demonstration in Kyiv

The Associations members of the Local Government and Public Administration Reform to the Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership support the ongoing demonstration in Kyiv and in many other cities of Ukraine in favour of signing by the Country of the Association Agreement.

As stated by the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Forum for Eastern Partnership, we call on all sides to start a dialogue between the authorities and the demonstrators to bring back Ukraine on its European path and enable the speedy signing of the Association Agreement.

For many years now, the members of the Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administrative reform have worked for enshrining the principle of local democracy, the development of legitimate and functioning local and regional authorities, the full and respected participation of civil society in the decision making process at the local level. We consider that these priorities and actions, which are fundamental for peace, stability, development and protection of human rights, will be supported through the Association Agreement with the EU.

We consider that the last decision to delay the signature is also undermining the process of the Eastern Partnership as whole already very much affected by the decision of Armenia in July. We again confirm the difficulties in our field of interest in Belarus and in Azerbaijan and call for opening possibilities on local governance in all the countries of the EaP with the strong support of members and institutions of the EU.

The list of the Members of the Subgroup : Association of the Local Democracy Agencies (France) - Head of Societal Expertise - Department GURT Resource Centre (Ukraine) - Lev Sapieha Foundation (Belarus) - CSRDG – (Georgia) - CCC Creative Centre – (Ukraine) - Institute for Urban Development – (Moldova) - BINA Consortium –(Azerbaijan) - Urban Foundation – (Armenia) - Assembly of Pro Democratic NGOs – (Belarus) - Liberal Club (Belarus) - East European Foundation (Ukraine) - Communities Finance Officers Association

25th of November 2013


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