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Transparency International Centre in Armenia condemns attack on Forum representatives


Leading anti-corruption sub-group members of the Civil Society Forum Transparency International Anti-corruption Center and the Armenian National Chapter of Transparency International strongly condemned a physical attack on Forum representatives last week and demanded an immediate investigation.

A press release from Transparency International Anti-corruption Center reported that in the evening of the 5th September a group of about half a dozen unknown assailants in Yerevan attacked Suren Saghatelyan, a board member of Transparency International Anti-corruption Center (TIAC) and Haykak Arshamyan, a member of the Chapter. Arshamyan suffered cuts around his nose and mouth, while Saghatelyan suffered a deep bruise on his head and a broken nose and fingers.

Neither of these two long-time civil activists is affiliated with any political party and they have acted without violating any laws or regulations, a statement continues.

Unfortunately this act of violence was not the first such act committed against members of civil society in Armenia who have protested decisions and steps undertaken by the government in recent weeks.

‘We suspect these acts of violence are aimed at stopping the growing protest movements against the government’. ‘These acts of violence against us and other NGOs are acts of terror and if they are not investigated and those guilty not punished, then full responsibility for them will rest on the current government’, concludes a statement.  

On the same day EaP CSF Steering Committee condemned attack on its members in Yerevan in a statement developed during the Steering Committee meeting in Kyiv last week.

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