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Ukraine: Civil society calls for comprehensive reforms in social policy

Beginning of March Rostyslav Dzundza, the coordinator of the Working Group "Social dialogue and justice"  in Ukraine attended a joint meeting organised by the ICF "Caritas Ukraine" with experts from Coordination and Expert Council on Social Policy, Center for Policy and Social Research, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, National Academy of Science of Ukraine and Social Reforms Headquarters.

The main topic of the meeting was the discussion of a comprehensive proposals package for the social sector reform. Participants discussed a package of proposals, which included specific steps to reform the social insurance system, social service system, providing the tools of direct city management to local communities, implementation of cost of living calculating mechanism etc.

Ukrainian social policy requires fundamental changes and it is more difficult to specify the area, where such reforms are more necessary. An important issue is that reforms should be conducted simultaneously in different areas. Social service reforms can’t be implemented without local government reforms and delegating authority and money to a lower level. However, the coordinating role of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Presidential Administration does not always produce positive results.

Letter along with the proposals package, signed by the organisations that participated in the preparation of this document will be sent to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. A number of non-governmental organisations such as the Ukrainian Insurance Federation, ICF "Caritas Ukraine", ACF "Coalition of HIV-service organizations" Ukrainian Trade Union Alliance, "Bureau of Social and Political Development" etc. were preparing proposals for different areas of reforms during the year and developed step by step instructions for their implementation.

Ukrainian NGOs are ready to prepare the proposals and take responsibility for their implementation. The main concern is that a new authority will not develop paternalism in relation to civil society as during Yanukovych regime.

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