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Ukrainian National Platform: Statement concerning the situation on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU

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Ukrainian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, which brings together 186 NGOs from all over Ukraine, claims the inadmissibility of Ukraine’s government refusal to sign and implement the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. We believe that the decision taken in a secretive manner without any public discussion is void from the procedural and substantive point of view.

This decision destroys hopes of millions of Ukrainian for the better life, showing Ukraine’s inability to commit agreement obligations as a state in the international arena. Moreover, it provokes a sharp conflict between the state and its citizens. This decision has no legitimacy in the eyes of the community and questions the legitimacy of the current government, which acts contrary to Ukrainian laws, program’s regulations of the ruling political authority and Ukraine's international obligations, recorded in numerous joint documents with the European Union.

We call on:

• The immediate abolition of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, dated 21.11.2013 on the suspension of the signature of Association Agreement with the EU;

• The resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine because of unacceptable exceeding of its authority;

We support the initiatives of civil non-party Euromaidan and actively participate in it. Also, we call upon all citizens to involve actively in peaceful actions throughout Ukraine to protect the country's European future.


Statement of the Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administration Reform on situation in Ukraine

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