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Working Group 3 Annual Meeting Report

On 5 June 2015 the Working Group 3 meeting took place in Brussels, gathering 16 working group members and EU officials from EU institutions (DG Energy, DG Environment, DG NEAR). The one-day meeting focused on learning and exchange in the three main policy areas of the WG: environment, climate change, and energy security. 

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The meeting was chaired by Murman Margvelashvili (Coordinator of WG3, World Experience for Georgia) and Plamena Borissova (Coordinator of WG3, Institute for Environmental Strategies). In his introduction, Murman Margvelashvili stressed the importance of finding better ways of cooperating, which would benefit the Eastern Partnership countries and organisations, most of all the interaction with the EU and the Eastern Partnership process. “A more conscious attitude towards our energy sector is needed; less grey areas in terms of our politicians’ actions  and internal corruption aligns interest of the whole society in the right direction”. 

A WG3 brainstorming session was organised, in order to think of how to further develop the directions of the group. Fikret Jafarov (EaP CSF) gave a presentation on monitoring tools on environmental projects, and how best to implement these in different contexts and Plamena Borissova presented the situation with environmental policy in Bulgaria before and after accession to the EU as a case study. Marion Schiller-Probst (DG Energy, International Relations) stated that the “Riga summit confirmed that energy is an important issue in cooperation. Within European Neighbourhood review process, energy should be an important priority. Everyone agrees this is really an issue and it is important to look at how to diversify”. 

The meeting then concluded on planning cooperation projects during 2015, and how best to adapt the selected projects in terms of the funding assigned. Inga Zarafyan and Manana Tsulaia, who attended the biodiversity week shared some highlights and learning points from this event that took place during the EU sustainable development week, which was the reason to hold the WG 3 meeting in Brussels.

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