Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Resolutions Adopted at the 7th Annual Assembly in Kyiv, Ukraine

Every year a number of resolutions are adopted by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum during its Annual Assembly - the highest decision-making body of the Forum. In 2015 the topics of major concern for the EaP CSF were conditions for civil society in Azerbaijan, constitutional reform in Armenia, political situation in Moldova, students’ rights in Belarus, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, food safety, climate change, reopening Erasmus+ EaP Youth Window and UK’s participation in the European Convention on Human Rights. 

  1. Resolution No1 on Reforms in Food Safety Regulation EN   RU
  2. Resolution No2 on Fight against Climate Change EN   RU
  3. Resolution No3 on Implementation of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities EN   RU
  4. Resolution No4 - Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Justice EN   RU
  5. Resolution No5 on Political Situation in Moldova EN   RU
  6. Resolution No6 on Restoration of Conditions for Civil Society in Azerbaijan EN   RU
  7. Resolution No7 on Reopening EaP Youth Window of Erasmus+ EN   RU
  8. Resolution No8 on Students’ Rights Violations in Belarusian Higher Education Institutions EN   RU
  9. Resolution No9 on Constitutional Reform in Armenia EN   RU  

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