Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Steering Committee's Letter to Ilham Aliyev Addresses the Conditions for CSOs Activity

22 May 2015

The Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF SC) addressed the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in a letter urging him to take steps towards normalizing the activity of non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan and in particular, of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

The letter mentions the 2014 legislative amendments, which considerably restricted the activities of the Azerbaijani National Platform, and describes the situation with CSOs activity in Azerbaijan. Three members of the National Platform were arrested and convicted, and four members of the National Platform had to leave the country in fear of unjustified persecutions.  Criminal cases have been initiated  against a large group of NGOs  in the country. NGO leaders are invited for questioning to the Prosecutor's Office on charges of particularly serious crimes. Many NGO representatives are referred to as "fifth column" and are searched on departure and arrival in the country. The bank accounts of a number of members of the National Platform have been closed. Propaganda against non-governmental organizations in the media has increased. This atmosphere of  public condemnation and spreading fear does not contribute to the proper functioning and development of the civil society in the country.

Steering Committee's Letter to Ilham Aliyev

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