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Baku Conference Eastern Partnership in 2 years Successes and Challenges

Baku Conference Eastern Partnership in 2 years Successes and Challenges

Baku, Azerbaijan; May 18th 2011:

Today, The National Platform of Azerbaijan on Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) held a conference entitled “EaP after 2 years; successes and challenges” to celebrate the past two years of the EAP. In co-operation with the European Delegation to Baku and support from Freidrich Ebert Stiftung, representatives from the government of Azerbaijan, civil society, international community, embassies and mass-media attended the one-day conference.

Vugar Bayramov, National Coordinator EaP CSF in Azerbaijan, addressed the audience in a key-note address. He spoke about the EaP initiative, that it was launched on May 2009 with participation of high ranking state officials from EU and partner countries. He is proud that Azerbaijan is one of EaP countries which signed the memorandum with EU.  May 2011 is the second anniversary of EaP initiative and EaP countries have different experiences last 2 years.

Since its launch at the Prague Summit, the Eastern Partnership has reinvigorated the EU's policy towards its Eastern partners including Azerbaijan, with a view to creating the necessary conditions for political association and further economic integration between the European Union and interested partner countries. It has created a meaningful political framework for deepening relations with the partner countries, including cooperating on reform.

Ambassador Roland Kobia, Head of the European Delegation to Baku addressed developments between European Union and Azerbaijan.  Antonella Valmorbida, Co-chairman of EaP Civil Society Forum spoke about EaP CSF, its structure and recommendations. Mrs. Valmorbida also cited last statements released by  EaP CSF Steering Committee on human rights situation in Azerbaijan and Belarus.

The one-day conference continued with presentations by state officials, civil society representatives and independent experts.

The conference agenda can be viewed here or downloaded here

Prepared by Vugar Bayramov
Country facilitator of EaP CSF in Azerbaijan
Head of Center for Economic and Social Development, Azerbaijan

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