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New Study: Assessing the Impact of the EU-Georgia DCFTA

A study assessing the impact of the EU-Georgia DCFTA on agricultural trade has recently been published by the Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC) with the support of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

The paper analyses export tendencies between Georgia and EU countries, in terms of current trade flows in agriculture products (primary and processed), reviews the hampering factors in agro-food trade due to currently exist­ing tariff or non-tariff trade barriers, provides information on the trade conditions in the context of DCFTA, thus analys­ing Georgia’s trade development opportunities in terms of agricultural products. Finally, this study puts forward policy recommendations on how the Georgian government can maximize the benefits and reduce the risks under the DCFTA agreement.

The study has been prepared within the framework of the EU funded ‘Strengthening capacities of the National Platforms (NP) of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’ project.

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