Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Policy Brief: Security in the Eastern Partnership Region and Civil Society’s Role

A policy brief commissioned by the EaP CSF, entitled “Security in the Eastern Partnership Region and Civil Society’s role” has recently been published on occasion of the 6th annual assembly of the Forum. The report, written by Hennadiy Maksak and other Forum experts, analyses security in the political, economic, energy and societal spheres within the Eastern Partnership and issues some policy recommendations as well as an analysis of the role that civil society plays. 

"In order to make the neighborhood policy more successful, it has to be reconsidered seriously - ambitious aims must be set; it should have the tools that correspond to the geopolitical realities in the region." suggests Mr. Maksak in his recommendations. 

"Understanding all restrictions of this program from the point of view of decision-making in the “hard” force sphere, the Eastern Partnership can find its place in the securitization of the region. The "soft" force level, which can be generated together within the bounds of the reformed neighborhood policy, can increase considerably the security level in the economic, energy, and information spheres of the EaP countries. The role of civil society and the Forum as its representative can become crucial." adds the policy brief. 

Full policy brief 

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