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The European Court for Human Rights Announces Two Decisions on Azerbaijani Activists

11 February 2016

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) declared on 11 February two decisions on Azerbaijan.

The ECHR upheld the joint complaint of Ilham Huseynli, Elchin Salimov and Ahmadzade Ibrahim, who had been arrested for participating in protests in Baku on 31 March and 2 April 2011. They were subjected to physical pressure and were arrested administratively. Local courts have not satisfied their complaints. The European Court found violations of their rights under Articles 11 (freedom of association), 6 (right to a fair hearing), and 5 (right to liberty and security).  The European Court ruled that the government of Azerbaijan is obliged to pay them each €12000 of damage and compensate their legal costs.

ECHR Decision on the Case of Huseynli and Others vs Azerbaijan

The Court also granted the appeal of other youth activists – Agasif Ibragimov, Emin Farhadi and Jamil Hajiyev. They planned to rally in May 2011 on behalf of the “Committee to protect the rights of young political prisoners” but were also subjected to repression. The European Court found a violation of their rights under Articles 11 (freedom of association), 6 (right to a fair hearing) and 5 (right to liberty and security), and also ruled that each of them should receive ‎€12000 and the reimbursement of legal costs. If Azerbaijan does not file an appeal within three months, the ECHR decision will come into force.

ECHR Decision on the Case of Ibrahimov and Others vs Azerbaijan

Source: Humanitarian Research Public Union

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