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FRIDE commentary: Will Ukraine’s new parliament speed up reforms?

Natalia Shapovalova, Associate Fellow at FRIDE, has recently published a commentary entitled “Will Ukraine’s new parliament speed up reforms?”. The commentary addresses the results of the latest parliamentary elections, their impact on the reform agenda and the potential role of civil society activists in the new government.  

The commentary argues that the composition of the “new parliament should enable a strong pro-European majority to carry out promised reforms, which include the fight against corruption, reform of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, public administration, tax reform and business deregulation.”                    

Ms. Shapovalova further notes that “the ‘gear-shifters’ of the reform process – civil society activists who are present in each party list of the main pro-European parties – are not many, but the hope that they will bring a window of change to Ukraine’s politics is high.   

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