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15 Eastern Partnership Culture projects are about to take off

The Eastern Partnership Culture Programme is pleased to announce the launch of 15 regional projects in the culture sector of the Eastern Partnership countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, with the total value of Euro 8.2 million financed by the European Union.

The recent contract signatures cleared for takeoff the projects implemented by some 79 organizations representing 17 countries: six Eastern Partnership countries, nine member states of the European Union (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, and Romania), and two EU candidates Croatia and Turkey. Implementation costs are shared between the European Commission that has committed to as much as 80% and the project implementing partners, covering the remaining 20%.

All projects target strengthening capacities of the culture sector and the role of culture through the development of regional cooperation. On a larger scale, their implementation will boost capacities of culture institutions and culture actors by enhancing their skills in cultural management and policy development, as well as rendering much-needed support to cultural initiatives and communities.

At the local level, these projects will promote the role of culture in society by developing and deepening networking ties between cultural actors, culture-related civil society organizations, public institutions, and authorities. Due to multi-faceted nature of these projects and the diversity of their tasks, all related news cannot be covered in a short communiqué.

The grant winners have been selected through a call for proposals launched by the European Commission in October 2010, which specifically targeted the culture sector of the Eastern Partnership countries for the first time. The objective of this call for proposals has been to identify projects, which contribute to the strengthening of the role of culture as a driving force for sustainable economic, social and human development.

For additional information, please contact Ms. Elena Palivoda, Information and Communication Manager of the Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme at +380 44 234 48 98; +380 44 235 79 98, e-mail:

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