Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Alert - Monitoring report on human rights in Eastern Partnership countries

Based on the initiative and input from the Human Rights Sub-Working Group of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum´s Working Group 1, we are pleased to present the attached monitoring report. The non-exhaustive report, focusing primarily on freedoms of speech, association and assembly, presents the most important current trends, events and issues, shaping the situation in each EaP country. The aim of the report is to ensure that detailed information regarding the actual situation on the ground in these states is available in one package to all interested, including the participants of intergovernmental meetings within Eastern Partnership.

The inputs for this report have been compiled by Helsinki Citizens` Assembly Vanadzor (Armenia), Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (Azerbaijan), Belarusian Schuman Society (Poland), Human Rights Center (Georgia), Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT (Moldova), Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union (Ukraine) in cooperation with People in Need (Czech Republic).



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