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statement: Belarusian National Platform supports UN Resolution on territorial integrity of Ukraine

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We, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, a broad spectrum of civil society organizations, political parties, trade unions, non-governmental organizations and initiatives condemn the official position of the Republic of Belarus to the UN General Assembly March 27, 2014 and support the resolution of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

We believe that voting against the resolution of the territorial integrity Ukraine official Belarus:

• entered into conflict with its earlier articulated position in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine,
• demonstrated its disrespect to international treaties,
• showed their contempt for the Ukrainian government and the people,
• recognized as legitimate the fact of capturing territory of one state by another one.

It is our deep conviction that in a situation where it is critically important to prevent escalation of war by all (and primarily diplomatic) means, Belarus should condemn the act of annexation of the Crimea by Russia, and from the perspective of international treaties, rejection of aggression of one country against another to act as a deterrent side. Unfortunately, this does not happen, the Belarusian authorities have officially supported the position of Russia, making the Belarusian people a hostage of imperial ambitions of its leadership.

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