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Appeal of Belarusian National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum "On solidarity with the Ukrainian people" - Glory to Ukraine!

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Over 60 Belarusian civil society organizations, participants of Belarusian National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership have expressed their support with the Ukrainian people and the National Platform of Ukraine.

‘In these days, filled both with grief and hope, when Ukraine is experiencing a turning point in their recent history, we appeal to the whole Ukrainian nation of solidarity and hope’, the appeal says. ‘Together with Ukraine, we mourn the victims, the heroes who gave their lives for universal values - freedom, democracy, humanism and justice! We will keep them in our hearts. Life and health of the people - this is a very high price that Ukrainian people paid for their freedom from unlimited and uncontrolled power. This blood could not happen, but it is not spilled for naught. Let it be a lesson to those who still believes that this price can be paid for staying in power and people's lives can be given for luxuries and personal ambitions’. ‘We admire the heroism of ordinary Ukrainian citizens, their sense of duty and responsibility, self-organization, dedication and the will to victory. Without them, ordinary peaceful people, the change would not have happened’.

Ukraine ahead is waiting for hard months of reconstruction of the country, return to normal life, formation of new relations between a state and a citizen. We believe that our good neighbor - the Ukrainian people – will be able to build a new state as a member of a large European family, based on the ideals of humanism, on the principles of democracy. Ukrainian people deserve the right to build the state itself, and then there will be no place to corruption, crime, lawlessness and oppression of the people.

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