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Armenian National Platform calls the Armenian government for an open dialogue on the Association Agreement

The Armenian National Platform (NP) in its recent statement notes with satisfaction the opportunity for the deepening of the EU-Armenia relations and the anticipated initialling of the Association Agreement (AA).

At the same time it expresses its concern over the ongoing debates in Armenian society around the EU-Armenia negotiation process, which sometimes express distorted views about priorities of AA and put an undue emphasis on foreign policy contradictions related to the AA. Such abstract formulas as “either EU or Russia”, “both EU and Russia” that circulate in the public discourse divert the public’s attention from the essence of the process and restrict the adequate understanding of it.

To successfully finalise the negotiations and the initialling of the AA, the NP calls on the Armenian authorities to engage in an open dialogue with citizens and calls on the EU to adhere to European values and to follow the “more for more” principle unconditionally. Furthermore, the NP calls on the political forces and media outlets of Armenia to take part in a construction and meaningful discussion around the EU-Armenia relations.

The full statement of the NP is available here.



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