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Azerbaijani NP discussed Public Finance Policy and Management

The Azerbaijani National Platform organised a workshop on 19 May 2013 in Baku aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of public finance control. The workshop gathered 18 experts from member organisations of the Platform and was held in the framework of the "Effective System of Public Finance Control Project" funded by the European Commission.

Mr Farid Malkov, member of the Steering Committee of the Azerbaijani National Platform, presented the activities undertaken by the member organisations of WG2 in the area of public finance policy and management.

Mr Gubad Ibadoglu the Chairman of the National Platform and Country Facilitator for Azerbaijan, informed the participants, on the importance of high quality external audit and the role of public finance institutions for increasing transparency and accountability while using public funds. This approach would also reduce the risk of corruption at the same time. Mr Ibadoglu also led an interactive discussion on how to enhance the capacity, awareness and participation of civil society organisations in the budgetary process and their dialogue with public finance institutions for effective scrutiny of expenditure control.

Press Release of the AZ NP

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