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Azerbaijani National Platform decries attempts to create “atmosphere of fear” ahead of elections by increasing punishment for administrative offences

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The Azerbaijani National Platform of the EaP CSF issued a statement severely condemning a proposed legislative amendment that would extent the administrative detention period for a certain group of administrative wrongdoings thereby restricting human rights in Azerbaijan.

The proposed bill would increase the maximum period of administrative detention from 15 to 60 days for offences such as a violation of the rules of organising and conducting rallies, demonstration, processions, etc. Additionally the maximum administrative detention for offences such as wilful failure to obey legal lawful orders of a police or a military officer is proposed to be increased from 15 to 30 days.

The only objective of these amendments in the view of the National Platform is to create a chilling effect on activists and suppressing dissent ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. The toughened penalties solely serve the purpose of creating an atmosphere of fear and limiting social and political activity.

The Azerbaijani National Platform urges the government to withdraw the proposed amendments and to refrain from such initiatives in the future. Furthermore, it calls on the international community to react to the reactionary amendments and to demand that the Azerbaijani government respects its commitments.

The full statement is available here.

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