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Statement of the Azerbaijani National Platform on the arrest and torture of activists

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The Azerbaijani National Platform decries the arrest and torture of three activists who were arrested during their participation in a peaceful action on 30 April organised under the slogan "No terror" to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the incidents in the Azerbaijani State Oil Academy.

Abulfaz Qurbanli, the Chairman of PFP Youth Commission, Turgut Qambar, member of Board at NIDA Civil Movement and Ilin Rustamzade, member of the Youth Freedom Organisation were arrested, denied access to their lawyers, denied food sent to them from their relatives and had their heads shaved bold against their will while being in custody. Furthermore, pictures of them were taken and shared on government-oriented website in order to discredit them in the eyes of the general public.

The Azerbaijani National Platform protests this kind of violation of fundamental rights and asks for the responsible persons to be prosecuted for torture. The Platform appeals to the international Community to pay special attention to the violation of human rights on the eve of the presidential elections in Azerbaijan.

The full joint statement of Azerbaijani NGOs is available here.

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