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Belarusian National Platform: round up of activities

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Coming up to the Fifth Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Belarusian National Platform of the EaP Civil Society Forum has produced a summary of activities for the last year, announcing the launch of its website, available in Belarusian, English, and partly Russian languages. (

According to the summary, Belarusian NP currently consists of 65 civil society organisations and initiatives, who signed the memorandum on cooperation and have the status of a permanent participant of the National Platform. However, due to the country’s political landscape and the limited participation of Belarus within the Eastern Partnership, NP is organised in a different manner, where most activities are concentrated on a subgroup level in comparison to the National Platforms of other EaP countries.

The National Platform organises its conferences twice a year and acts within the framework of other working formats (round tables, public hearings, position papers, panel discussions etc.). Among large scale events featured this year is the National Platform conference “Between the Eastern Partnership and the European Dialogue on Modernisation” held in June, in Minsk.

From the beginning National Platform took part in the working groups of European Dialogue on Modernisation with Belarus society, publishing in March 2013 a position paper on “How to increase the transformational potential of the European Dialogue on Modernization with Belarusian society?” and producing  recently a statement on current affairs of EDoM process, addressing EU officials to oversee the stakeholders involvement in its implementation.

This month on September, 25th Working Group 2 is holding an event on Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship under the title: "Problem of labor resources for business in Belarus and ways of its solution. Role of business-associations and NGOs” and Working Group 4 - an event analysing a legislation in youth policy sphere: Alternative Youth Platform "Legal regulation of state of affairs with youth in Belarus".

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