Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Call for applications - Seminar for Young Journalists on the role of civil society and the CSF for development of the state

A seminar on "The role of Civil Society for the development of the state - is the Civil Society Forum of the EU Eastern Partnership of help?" is organised by the Foundation of the German newspaper TAZ in Berlin on 27 July to 4 August 2013 for young journalists from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

The one week seminar will address the following questions: What is the role of civil society within the process of a changing society, within the transformation? How can the non-governmental sector help to solve problems, where the governments maybe are stuck? Is international cooperation between civil societies important? Which role can the CSF play here?

Participants will take part in thorough seminars covering specific subjects and will also have time for own research, as participants are expected to complete an article during the seminar covering a topic related to the questions above.

The deadline for applications is 10 June 2013.

More information on the seminar and on the application process is available here.

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