Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Civil society representatives participated at the Platform 4 meeting

Two representatives from Working Group 4 “Contacts between people” of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum participated in the meeting of Platform 4 of the EaP.

In the meeting the next generation of EU Programmes – Erasmus for All, Creative Europe and Horizon 2020 were presented and discussed.

The coordinators of Working Group “Contacts between people” of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum presented several recommendations from the participants of WG4 regarding these programmes in a letter (please see attached the letter) to the representatives of EU and EaP countries who attended the Platform 4 meeting.

For the Programme Erasmus for all, the civil society representatives reiterated the need for a programme which should have a clear orientation on active citizenship and participatory learning and European values needed; it should keep and develop operational grants for European umbrella associations and should value not only systemic, but also organizational and individual impact to enable small and medium size organizations’ and youth, adult and senior individuals’ participation.

Members of WG 4 see the Programme Creative Europe 2014-2020 as an opportunity to improve cultural cooperation between EU and Eastern Partnership countries and as an important step towards building open and democratic societies in the EU Neighbourhood. It should contribute also to working dialogue for cultural policy reform for releasing the socio-economic potential of cultural development and cooperation. The civil society calls on EU and on the EaP countries to remove the obstacles for international cultural cooperation.

As a result of this meeting, the representatives of Civil Society Forum had the opportunity to participate in the discussions and to present the point of view of civil society on all the subjects of the agenda.


Letter to Platfrom 4 new EU programmes.pdf

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