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CSF experts stressed the need for clear measurable indicators at Clima East Launch event

At the launch of the Clima East Package and Workshop, which took place on 2-4 July in Brussels, Maria Strochylo from the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, representing the EaP Civil Society Forum, suggested to refine the current work plan, to come up with measurable indicators for the project and to ensure project’s transparency.

The meeting brought together representatives from the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), experts from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Environment of the EaP countries as well as other stakeholders.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the transfer and dissemination of information and knowledge on the EU acquis and focused on presenting the Climate and Energy Policy of the EU. During the discussions with partner countries, the implementation of MRV-systems (monitoring, reporting and verification) and the efficiency of market based mechanisms as climate change mitigation tools were touched upon.

The second day of the event focused on the work plan of the project aiming at supporting the EaP countries and the Russian Federation to be better equipped for reductions of GHG emissions and better prepared to deal with impacts of climate change. In the discussions the partner countries stressed the need for increased financial resources for the project and also underlined the importance of involving more national experts for research and conducting studies instead of EU experts. The paramount importance of civil society participation within the project was stressed particularly by donors and project coordinators.

On the final meeting day, UNDP presented pilot projects implemented within the Clima East project countries focusing on the sustainable use of pasture and the renovation of dry wetlands and its impact on climate change. The need to use synergies between the UNDP pilot projects and the Clima East project was stressed by all participants.

A more detailed report of the meeting is available in English and Russian.

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