Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

CNTM is hiring an expert in regional youth policy

National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM) with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic runs till October 2012 the project “Strengthening the youth cooperation in Eastern Partnership countries”.

The main aim of the project is stimulation of youth participation in Eastern Partnership region. Partners of this project are Youth Councils from Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Thus, CNTM and projects partners’ goal is to increase visibility of youth NGOs from EaP through strengthening advocacy actions and cooperation at policy level, and to promote dialogue with EU institutions at the network level.

One component of this project is elaboration of the study for identification of role of youth in promotion reforms in Eastern Partnership countries and to analyze mechanism of cooperation between civil society and public institutions in these 6 states.

CNTM engage an expert for two months which will elaborate a study regarding youth and civil society participation in promotion reforms in EaP countries. The study will be conducted between August 15th – October 15th, 2012 and it has to analyze the situation in all six EaP countries – Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Republic of Moldova.



Project funded by the European UnionEU