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Civil society is requested to provide comments on EU-funded ‘Civil Society organisations and local authorities programme for 2014-2017’


The EU Delegation in Armenia has recently launched civil society dialogue online resource ( which serves as a platform for interaction with civil society.

Currently the EU Delegation in Armenia has announced the beginning of consultations on the Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities Programme for 2014-2017.

The Delegation is requesting CSOs to submit substantial and concise feedback and comments on the programme objectives and how to make it a better fit to the country’s context. The Consultations will run until 22 September.

The Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities Programme funded by the EU supports actions aimed at enabling Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) to respond to populations needs and to participate in inclusive policy-making at different levels. It focuses on the reinforcement of CSOs and LAs as actors at the service of citizens and population at large. The programme seeks to promote their coordination, actions’ coherence and synergies and focus on the promotion of innovative forms of interactions between CSOs and LAs in the local public policy making processes aiming at the co-production of development and governance outcomes.

The detailed information on the consultations can be found here:

Online consultation resource of the EU Delegation in Armenia

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