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Possibility to provide input to the “Culture for the Eastern Partnership” Congress Culture for the Eastern Partnership Congress

An international seminar "Culture for the Eastern Partnership" was organised from 8 to 10 March bringing together over 100 cultural operators from 17 European countries including all the EaP countries.

The aim of the seminar was to set the concept for the second edition of the Eastern Partnership Culture Congress and its accompanying event, the "Integrations - Mediations" Festival to be held on 1-6 October in Lublin. The seminar aimed at getting together people and organisations already involved in the work on the Congress in order to discuss three thematic areas: Working out the essential foundations for discussions and the work of task groups during the Congress; elaboration of practical recommendations for the organisers and preparation of the Integrations festival aiming at presenting the up-to-date situation of culture in all EaP countries.

The final recommendations of the seminar are available here in English and Russian. The list of participants is available here.

The organisers also invite interested parties to co-create the forthcoming Congress. For this purpose, five programme lines of the Congress were prepared and thematic suggestions as well as critical remarks are most welcome by the organiser. Suggestions for panellists, moderators and workshop instructors are appreciated as well. The input to the programme lines should be provided until 10 June 2013 to

The detailed programme lines are available here in English and Russian.

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