Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

The conference “Eastern Partnership - Perspectives of Cultural Diplomacy” in Krakow will set new goals in the context of Cultural Diplomacy


On the 29th and 30th of August, the international Expert and MA/PhD Students Co-Conference entitled: “Eastern Partnership - Perspectives of Cultural Diplomacy” will be held in Krakow, Poland.

The main goal of this event is to initiate discussion on prospects of development of the Eastern Partnership and set new goals in the context of Cultural Diplomacy. The organizers want to analyse completed projects and try to anticipate future policy. The conference will promote active cooperation between state institutions and non-governmental organisations from the European Union and the countries of the Eastern Partnership that carry out activities in the domain of culture and art.

An important part of the project is an exchange of experience, diagnosis of needs and obstacles existing in the international social and cultural cooperation in order to achieve better quality of future projects, as well as broadening the area of influence. The future implementation of the project goals will result in a number of intercultural, international initiatives in the field of art and culture, as well as in the political and economic arena.

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