Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

EaP Civil Society Forum elects new Steering Committee

A new 17-member Steering Committee was elected at the annual meeting of the Civil Society Forum, which took place in Poznan, Poland, on 28-30 November 2011. The Steering Committee is elected for a one-year term.

Six country facilitators were elected (one from each of the six partner countries), eight working group co-ordinators (one EU and one partner country representative for each of the four working groups). Finally, in a plenary session, three EU co-ordinators were elected by the whole Forum.

Steering Committee members:


Armenia: Seyran MARTIROSYAN, A.D. Sakharov Armenian Human Rights Centre

Azerbaijan: Gubad Ibadoglu BAYRAMOV,  Economic Research Center, Azerbaijan

Belarus: Siarhei LISICHONAK, Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs of Belarus

Georgia: Manana KOCHLADZE, Association Green Alternative, Georgia

Moldova: Victor COTRUTA, Regional Environmental Centre Moldova

Ukraine: Igor KOGUT, Agency for Legislative Initiatives; Ukrainian School of Political Studies, Ukraine


Group 1. Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability

Ucha NANUASVHILI, Human Rights Center, Georgia

Olga STUZHINSKAYA, Office for a Democratic Belarus, Belgium

Group 2. Economic integration and convergence with EU policies

Vugar BAYRAMOV, Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD), Azerbaijan 

Andrzej ADAMCZYK, European Economic and Social Committee/ NSZZ Solidarnosc Trade Union, Poland

Group 3. Environment, climate change and energy security

Yaroslav BEKISH, "Green Alliance", Belarus

Wojciech BORODZICZ-SMOLIŃSKI, Center for International Relations, Poland

Group 4. Contacts between people:

Eduard MIHALAS, National Youth Council of Moldova

Bettina BRAND, Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association


Krzysztof BOBIŃSKI, Unia a Polska Foundation, Poland

Jeff LOVITT, PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society)

Amanda LÖVKVIST, European Network of Political Foundations (ENOP)/Swedish International Liberal Centre  

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