Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

EaP CSF members help shape an appropriate response to the negative impact of Russian propaganda in the Eastern Partnership region

Up to 10 EaP CSF members contributed to the shaping of an appropriate response to Russian propaganda in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood, following their participation at a conference on the media environment in the region on 10-11 December in Brussels.

The conference, organised by the EEAS,  considered the current media environment in the Eastern Partnership countries, including regulatory aspects and resource-related issues impacting on open and balanced debates. Alongside this, the effect of state-sponsored Russian propaganda afflicting the EaP and several EU members was prominently discussed in reference to the media landscape in the region. 

Based on the discussions, participants considered possible responses to the identified challenges, including the effectiveness of EU policy and assistance responses. 

Among the high-level speakers were Latvian Ambassador-at-large for the Eastern Partnership, Juris Poikans, and Ambassador Einars Semanis as well as representatitives of the EEAS and NATO Centre for Strategic Communications.

Finally, participants began preparations for a high-level Eastern Partnership media conference due to take place in Riga in the first half of 2015 under the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. 


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