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EaP CSF Steering Committee condemns attack on its members in Yerevan

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Recent developments in Armenia where civil rights activists including members of  the Armenian National Platform of the Civil Society Forum have been attacked by unknown  assailants, is seen by many as  an attempt to intimidate those people in the country who do not agree with the decision by President Serj Sargasyan to sign a customs union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The Steering Committee of the Eastern partnership Civil Society Forum condemns these methods which mark a retrograde step for democracy in Armenia which can only be  based on a dialogue between citizens and an open debate on public policies.  We demand that the Armenian authorities move vigorously to identify and punish the assailants and ensure that incidents like this are prevented in the future. The SC declares that it will monitor the situation in Armenia and will not hesitate to draw human rights infringements to the attention of relevant bodies.


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