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Eastern Partnership Culture Congress took place in Lublin

Eastern_Partnership_Cultural_CongressEastern Partnership Culture Congress was held on 21-23 October 2011 in Lublin, Poland.  Eastern Partnership Culture Congress is a long-term undertaking, where in order to establish Eastern Partnership as a cultural project, you need a new platform for idea exchange, for designing new tools supporting cooperation and establishing a common representative group at European level.

The Congress is a part of a wider project entitled “Eastern partnership as a cultural project”, which is run by Lublin City Office in cooperation with The Centre for Culture in Lublin and Foundation Trans Culture.

Congress objectives:

to establish a platform “cultures for changes” based on: congresses held every two years, think-tank and work group activity;

to issue publications, to organize summer schools and other partnership events, to establish Eastern Partnership as a cultural project,

to develop a long-term cooperation with Eastern Partnership neighbouring countries: European Union, Russia, Turkey and many others,

to engage culture in social change, to elaborate organization and financial tools for common ideas and arrangements.

EaP CSF Working group 4 "Contacts between people" address to the congress delegates letter with recommendations:

Among others the following recommendations will be addressed to EU:

  • To invite EU Delegations in the EaP countries and relevant European Commission DGs to provide advise to EaP governments on congruency of national cultural policy reforms with relevant EU policies.  
  • To secure a regular exchange of reform experiences and updates on recent progress made to establish a periodically convening EaP Cultural Policy Reform Forum and involve civil society led initiatives, government representatives dealing with cultural policy reforms, representatives of all relevant inter-governmental institutions in the field (European Commission, EU Delegations, Council of Europe, UNESCO, etc.)
  • To encourage the Regional Monitoring and Capacity Building Unit of the Eastern Partnership Culture Program in Kyiv to closely coordinate its efforts and work plans with civil society based initiatives in the field of culture in order to avoid duplication, repetition or pillarisation of efforts serving common development/reform goals.
  • To encourage RMCB Unit in Kyiv to monitor reform progress in the EaP countries.

Recommendations to EaP governments:

  • To ratify and completely implement all relevant international conventions in the field of cultural heritage.
  • To implement fully the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions (2005).
  • To elaborate publicly roadmaps for cultural policy reforms to indicate tangible goals and milestones to be achieved within a reasonable timeframe. Close collaboration with local and international stakeholders should be secured.

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