Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

The European Commission is inviting CSOs to contribute to 2013 ENP progress reports

Commission services are now beginning the preparations for the next set of European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) progress reports, which will cover implementation of the Action Plans or Association Agendas in 2013 and will be adopted in spring 2014.

The reporting exercise will cover all ENP partner countries who have agreed an ENP Action Plan or an Association Agenda with the EU (in the Eastern neighbourhood - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Ukraine).

The purpose of this exercise is to report on the progress achieved by the ENP partners in the implementation, during 2013, of the agreed reform commitments. The reports are not general reports on the political and economic realities of the country. Their scope is limited to implementation of Action Plans or Association Agendas.

“In order to ensure a maximum of transparency and objectivity in the reports, the EEAS and the Commission services draws on the widest possible array of sources. In this context, all interested parties, including non-governmental organisations and other interested organisations active in the fields covered by the ENP Action Plans are invited to provide any information, reports or assessments,” the invitation said.

Contributions should be sent to the email indicated in the invitation below by 15 October 2013. For further details refer to the invitation.

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