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EU Decision-Makers Discuss Situation in Armenia with National Platform Coordinator

Following the recent developments in Armenia as a reaction to the electricity price hike, Mikayel Hovhannisyan, Coordinator of the Armenian National Platform, met with several decision-makers in Brussels to inform them about the situation on the ground.

During the meeting with the co-chair of the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly MEP Heidi Hautala the issues related to energy security and anti-corruption measures, as well as the role of the National Platform in monitoring the implementation of reforms were discussed. In the meeting with Dirk Schuebel, EEAS Head of Division for bilateral cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries, the issues related to EU-Armenia relations and possible future developments in the field, including the new agreement to be signed were covered. The meeting with the relevant division of DG Energy included discussion of the potential for the use of alternative energy sources in Armenia.

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