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EU Should Improve Monitoring Procedures for Financial Support to Moldova

23 April 2015

The Civil Society Platform ‘For Europe’ is denouncing the practices lacking transparency and the level of corruption in the governance of allegedly pro-European parties in Moldova. In its statement, the platform suggests that these parties associated themselves with the European integration process and in the end only “took advantage of EU generosity and committed numerous legal and financial abuses”. 

As a result, Moldovan citizens do not notice many improvements in the country despite the considerable help from the EU, which leads to the growing distrust of the EU institutions pushing public opinion in the direction of the Eurasian Economic Union. Therefore, the Civil Society Platform ‘For Europe’ calls on the EU:

  • to refrain from further tolerating anti-European and anti-democratic deviations of Moldovan authorities
  • to set up a strict control over the management of EU funds and grants
  • to establish clear conditionality for providing assistance and strictly monitor the fulfillment of conditions
  • to support the efforts of civil society in developing methodology for monitoring the impact of expenditures made by the government
  • to request the authorities to observe higher level of transparency in decision-making


The 2014 “EU budget support to Eastern partnership Countries” report evaluating the EU funding instruments in the cases of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine highlighted that political elites should show more consistency and get fully involved in the reform implementation, especially in view of insufficient inter-ministerial communication and coordination mechanism. Furthermore, the report suggests that the EU should strengthen cooperation through joint monitoring and evaluation procedures, and elaborate on a precise and easily measurable conditionality framework going beyond political approximation.


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Report ‘’EU budget Support to Eastern partnership Countries”

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