Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Euronest Parliamentary Assembly calls on CSF to strengthen dialogue and conduct media trainings

In its resolution on regional security challenges in Eastern European partner countries of 28 May the Political Committee of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly has called on the CSF to strengthen dialogues and contacts between people across borders and conflict lines. The Committee recommended that the EaP CSF initiate media training programmes in order to combat mutual animosity and hate speech as well as to ensure professional journalistic standards when covering inter-ethnic relations.

For EaP CSF media is one of the priority areas for its activities. The Media sub-group of the Forum is active and currently working on producing an index of media freedom in the EaP countries that will be ready by the Vilnius Summit. The sub-group will consider the recommendations from Euronest for its future work.

The full resolution of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is available here.

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