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Füle expresses hope to re-integrate Transnistria economically into Moldova with the Association Agreement

The European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Füle discussed the lessons to be drawn from the recent political crisis in the Republic of Moldova with President Nicolae Timofti in Strasbourg on 2 July.

Commissioner Füle welcomed the end of the crisis but expressed his strong expectations “that the serious issues revealed by the political crisis would be addressed without undue delay”. He underlined the importance of further reforms in the justice system in order to increase the independence and functioning of the judiciaries and reminded of a recently signed €60-million programme for justice reforms with the Republic of Moldova.

He emphasized his expectations that the Association Agreement with Moldova would be initialled by the time of the Vilnius Summit and stressed that “the economic part of this agreement could be a way to also involve businesses from Transnistria, again – for the benefit of all the people in that region”

The full Memo of the meeting between Commissioner Füle and President Timofti is available here

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