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Georgian NP concerned over wire fences along Administrative Boundary Line

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The Georgian National Platform expresses its concerns over the instalment of wire fences alongside the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) with the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia inside Georgian controlled territory by Russian forces. The line especially effects the village Dvani, where women, children and other people coming to collect water are cut from the water source.

The Georgian NP expects the Georgian Government to respond by effective and adequate actions to this violation to the right of free movement as well as to the socio-economic, civil and cultural rights of the population of Shida Kartli already affected by the conflict. Furthermore, the NP calls on all parties involved to use all their efforts to solve the problem in a peaceful way and to urgently start an intercommunity dialogue on the issue of peaceful coexistence and human security. The present violation of the "6-point agreement" of August 2008 should also be reported to all involved international organisations and parties.

The full statement of the Georgian National Platform is available here.

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