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Georgia makes progress towards EU Visa Liberalisation

Georgia makes further progress towards EU visa liberalization after successfully completing first-phase requirements of the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan, details the second progress report adopted by the European Commission on 29 October.

The progress report – the latest since November 2013, concludes that Georgia is ready to enter the second phase of visa liberalisation after adopting required laws in the fields of document security, asylum, anti-corruption and money-laundering among other measures.

"I am pleased with the results of our assessment and would like to congratulate the Georgian authorities for their efforts. They have shown remarkable commitment by putting in place the required legislative changes. This is a significant achievement, an important step in the process that will bring Georgia closer to its goal of visa free regime with the EU", said Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström.

The Visa Liberalisation dialogue between the EU and Georgia was launched in June 2012 and a formal Visa Liberalisation Action Plan has been in operation since February 2013.

Georgian citizens already benefit from a Visa Facilitation agreement with the EU since March 2011, which waives fees for broad categories of visa applicants including children, pensioners and student, among others.

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Second Progress Report

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