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Heated Discussion at CSF WG3: Environment, Energy & Climate Change

As the Environment, Energy & Climate Change are determining factors of human well-being and the economy, the EaP WG3 invited interested members of WG2: Economic Integration to it's meeting, held on 10th September in Brussels, Belgium.  

The purpose of the meeting was to update CSF members on EaP developments, discuss topical issues, and plan upcoming work. Several representatives of the EC attended the meeting, including Maciej Stadejek and John O’Rourke of DG External Relations, Andrzej Januszewski representing DG Environment and Olivier Silla of DG Energy.

During the meeting, two working groups sessions were conducted. One on Environment & Climate Change Adaptation and the other on Energy & Climate Change Mitigation. As a result of these working group sessions, a list of issues were defined which are linked to the governmental
agenda of the EaP process but not sufficiently covered. The WG3 and WG2 attendees identified lead authors of discussion papers to be presented at CSF in Berlin and have started the process of developing them.

The topics are:

  1. How to improve participation of CSOs in decision making, e.g. through an earlier start of all components of the EaP Environment Panel flagship initiative “Governance”
  2. Promotion of the recycling, reuse and prevention of waste, thereby contributing to a more resource efficient economy, reducing costs and preventing pollution (contribution to the Environment Panel topic “Green Economy”)
  3. Promotion of the valuation of ecosystem services and the integration of results into cost-benefit analysis of governmental programmes and projects (also related to “Green Economy”)
  4. Making natural resource management climate resilient through integrated water management and wise land use (contribution to Environment Panel topic “Climate Change”)
  5. Making Platform 3 (energy) projects transparent
  6. Promoting sustainably produced renewable energy trade as a contribution to Platform 3 discussions.

For more information, please contact:

Irene Lucius
WG3 Co-ordinator

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