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Joint Statement of the representatives of the National Platforms of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

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17 January, 2011

Representatives of the National Platforms of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum,

  1. bearing in mind joint aspiration of the partner countries of Eastern Partnership towards integration to the European area of freedom, security and justice,
  2. being deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Belarus, in particular regarding information on detention of opposition candidates and their supporters in the aftermath of presidential elections, mistreatment of the detained, further politically motivated detentions, searches and pressure on political and civil activists, journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders,
  3. equally concerned about the growing gap in communication and lack of dialogue between the official structures and the wider groups of the civil society in Belarus,
  4. and reacting on the situation in Belarus

Call upon:

  1. Our national governments to pay permanent attention to the situation with human rights in Belarus and to call on the government of Belarus to restrain from violations of its international commitments in this field;
  2. Our national Parliaments and its MPs to form their opinions on the situation in Belarus;
  3. European Commission and European Parliament to continue with their efforts towards observance of fundamental human rights in Belarus;
  4. Civil societies of the countries of Eastern Partnership region to provide any possible support to their colleagues from Belarus;
  5. All above mentioned actors to make efforts and mediate the building up of a constructive and sustainable dialogue between Belarusian Government, political opposition and the Civil Society with the aim of searching a peaceful solution from the crisis and in the sake of improving political climate and stability in the country.

Tamar Khidasheli
On behalf of the Georgian National Platform

Ulad Vialichka
On behalf of the Belarusian National Platform

Igor Kogut
On behalf of the Ukranian National Platform

Avetik Ishkhanyan
On behalf of the Armenian National Platform

Victor Cotruta
On behalf of the Moldovan National Platform

Vugar Bayramov
On behalf of the Azerbaijani National Platform

Iris Kempe
On behalf of CSF participants from EU member states

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