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Moldovan National Platform: Stop the Violation of the Fundamental Human Rights in Ukraine!

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Declaration of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum of Republic of Moldova

Considering the role of the National Platforms in the framework of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership,

Taking into account the recent legislative developments in Ukraine (law “On Amendments of the Law “On the Judicial System and Status of Judges” and Procedural Laws on Additional Citizens Safety Measures”, adopted on 16 January 2014),

The Moldovan National Platform expresses serious concerns that the above mentioned documents work to promote and develop the fundamental human rights and ensure compliance with the international Agreements and Conventions[1] to which Ukraine is part of.

The current socio - political situation in Ukraine demonstrates a clear deviation from democratic values and principles to which Ukraine committed constantly as well as contempt for citizens will to pursue the European integration path.

Thus the Members of the Moldovan National platform call for:

  1. Revising the draft law №3879 and secure the steady observance of citizens’ rights and freedoms;
  2. Ensure the respect for fundamental human right as well as the principles of a democratic society (Right to liberty and security, Freedom of expression, Freedom of thought, conscience and religion,  Freedom of assembly and association, Prohibition of abuse of rights, and others);
  3. Ensure fair and secure conditions for civil society to performs its duties and responsibilities as a real and fair democracy provides for;
  4. Respect citizens choice, as well as their right to participate in public life as active political actors;
  5. Ensure citizens right to freely participate in shaping the future of their country.

The Moldovan National Platform reassures its support to Ukrainian civil society, as well as the Ukrainian people,

Calls for international actors to take a stand in this regard, as well as ensure that Ukrainian people’s fundamental rights are not violated and contribute to the reestablishing of the democratic principles, 

Appeals to all actors in the Ukrainian society, interested in an Ukraine governed by democratic principles and rule of law to proceed with a dutiful, transparent and honest dialogue – the only way to overcome the current political crises.

[1] Ukraine, Treaties signed and ratified or having been the subject of an accession as of 17/1/2014,

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