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Ukraine: Media law institute issues statement on violence against journalist during civil protests

'Media Law Institute expresses its indignation at brutal assaults on journalists, performing their professional duties, by the Ministry of Interior special unit "Berkut" defending the Administration of Ukraine`s President building', a statement says. 'During the events of 1st December outside the Presidential Administration in Kyiv, the authorities severely beaten with truncheons and kicked not only those, who provoked the conflict, but also journalists recording the developments', it continues. 'As a result, more than 50 Ukrainian and foreign journalists were injured. Police had clearly seen and understood that these people do not represent a threat, but this did not stop them'. 'In addition to physical violence against journalists, their professional equipment – cameras and camcorders – was destroyed as well. The events were recorded in photo and video materials, and with eyewitness testimony. In particular, among suffered were journalists of Reuters, AFP, Ukrainska Pravda, Channel 5, Ukrainsky Tyzhden, LB.UA, UBR, other media outlets'.

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