Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

The EaP CSF took part in the Panel on Public Administration Reform

The EaP CSF was represented at the 4th meeting of the EaP Panel on Public Administration Reform in Baku on 18 April 2013 by Samir Aliyev from the Centre for Support for Economic Initiatives, Azerbaijan, and Ihor Abramyuk from the Public Council of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, Ukraine and Gubad Bayramov from the Public Initiative Centre, Azerbaijan.

During the Panel meeting relevant information on the state-of-play of public administration reform and the perspectives of implementing the provision of the acquis communautaire into national legislation in the EaP countries were discussed. The focus of the presentations was on a holistic approach of public administration reform, which should embody all parts of the administration and not just specific areas.

The EaP CSF participants took active part in all agenda items of the meeting and underlined the importance of decentralisation, especially fiscal decentralisation reforms, in the EaP countries. The interventions of the CSF participants increased the effectiveness of the discussions by providing concrete suggestions and recommendations.

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