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Pilot edition of the European Integration Index for the EaP countries was presented

Pilot edition of the European Integration Index for the EaP countries was presented during side-events of the EaP Civil Society Forum in Poznan 28-30 November 2011.

The European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries will track the progress of Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries—Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine—on an annual basis. It provides a nuanced cross-country and cross-sector picture that is comparative.

The Index is a monitoring tool that is also intended to assist EU institutions in applying the ‘more for more’/‘less for less’ principle, announced by the EU in May 2011. Although the EU and independent civil society initiatives provide numerous regular assessments of the progress of EaP countries in European integration, few of these assessments have attempted to place the countries in a comparative perspective. This is what the Index primarily attempts to do.

The Index was developed by independent civil society experts who advocate reforms related to European integration. It is prepared by the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) in partnership with the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and experts from think-tanks and university institutions in EaP countries and the EU. The project is funded by the IRF’s European Programme and the EastEast: Partnership Beyond Borders Programme of the OSF.

This is a pilot edition of the European Integration Index, so we welcome feedback on the composition and methodology of the Index in order to work to improve this product. The first full-fledged edition of the Index will be published in May 2012 and will then become an annual project.

The following sources were consulted to develop the composition of the Index. This list not exhaustive, since a number of experts from official institutions and civil society were consulted to develop a number of items.

The detailed and comprehensive composition of the Index can be found here.

Methodology: The Index is based on an expert survey and on statistical data from official sources. Experts were requested to answer a detailed, standardized questionnaire, and their assessments were reviewed to ensure a cross-national comparability.

Project team: The project is implemented by IRF in cooperation with Open Society Foundations. Over 30 experts from the EaP countries and the EU have been involved. The project also appreciates the contribution of Ukraine-based experts from the EU Delegation to Ukraine and various civil society organizations for having assisted with development of Index composition.

Project coordinator:

Iryna Solonenko, Director of the European Programme, IRF (; +38 044 461 95 00; cell +38 050 351 09 63)

Source of information - Intenational Renaissance Foundation

Download publication - European Integration Index for Eastern Partnership Countries

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