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Azerbaijan National Platform: Effective monitoring of public finance cannot be ensured without active participation of civil society

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Participants of the seminar on public finance management noted access to information on budgetary expenditures in Azerbaijan as the most serious problem in the region. They discussed the difficulties in establishing the dialogue between public finance institutions and CSOs at the regional level.

Opening the event, Project Director and EDF President Sabit Bagirov noted that effective monitoring system of ​​public finance management cannot be ensured ‘without active participation of civil society and the media’. He presented best practices from the experience of other countries and emphasised the role of the civil society in addressing challenges of pfpm-related issues and raising awareness of citisens as well as ensuring access to information.

Given relevance of the issue, it was decided to further collect budget related information regarding the region and share them with participants.

The seminar for the local civil society and representatives of the National Platform of the Civil Society Forum in Azerbaijan was organised by the member of the EaP CSF, the Economic Research Center (ERC) under the EU-funded Effective System of Public Finance Control Project in partnership with Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (EDF).

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