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Stability Is Impossible without Democracy and Good Governance, Reminds Bobinski at EaP Platform 1 Meeting

On 1 July the co-coordinators of the EaP CSF Working Group 1 Volodymyr Kuprii and Krzysztof Bobinski attended the meeting of the Eastern Partnership Platform 1 “Democracy, Good Governance and Stability” in Brussels on behalf of the Civil Society Forum.

During the meeting Bobinski who is also the co-chair of the EaP CSF Steering Committee made the following intervention on the situation in Armenia and the Eastern Partnership:

“I want to refer briefly to the recent events in Armenia where people have been protesting against increases in the electricity price. These events are worth noting at this meeting of the Platform on Democracy, Good Governance and Stability because they show that the talk by the European Union of implementing democracy and good governance in the Eastern Partnership countries is more than just a talk but a genuine and well-meant attempt to promote the establishment of stable states in the EaP. The authoritarian rulers in the Eastern Partnership countries should be reminded by these events that there can be no real stability in their countries without democracy and good governance. The root cause of the recent events in Armenia is corruption and while there is corruption protests like these can and will, all of a sudden, break out. The demonstrators in Armenia are mainly young people, a new generation that has shown by its actions that all that they really want is to live in a normal country, which is democratic, well governed and stable.”

Presentations delivered at Platform 1 Meeting:

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