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Statement of the Steering committee of the EaP Civil Society Forum regarding the violence in Kyiv

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Steering committee of the EaP Civil Society Forum expresses our deep concerns regarding the police attack against the non-partisan, mostly youth-attended peaceful Euromaidan demonstration in Kyiv, Ukraine in early morning November 30.

It is the first time in the European history when a peaceful demonstration gathered to support European integration of its country was brutally disrupted by the government which repeatedly declares the strategic objective of the EU integration. Official explanation of the Ukrainian interior ministry which justifies the disproportional use of force by the need to set up a Christmas tree is ridiculous and should be rejected.

We remind Ukrainian government that violence against peaceful people cannot be tolerated. We call for immediate investigation of all the cases reported regarding attacked and wounded people, including women and teenagers. We urge to punish those officials who are behind of decision to attack people in Kyiv.

The right for peaceful gathering should be guaranteed in full compliance with Ukraine’s constitution and international obligations.

Adopted in Vilnius, November 30, 2013


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