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Statement on commencing the Process of Establishment of the Ukrainian Side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform

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The Initiative Group of the Ukrainian civil society representatives informs about commencing the establishment process for the Ukrainian side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (hereafter the Platform), the creation of which is envisaged in Articles 469 and 470 of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. 

Taking into account the initial diversity of civil society groups which initiated the establishment of the Platform, and wishing to create an inclusive Platform to represent the widest variety of civil society interests, the representatives of civil society reached consensus on the principles for the Platform and are now ready to propose its structure and agenda.

The Platform’s main task is to facilitate the implementation of the Association Agreement, to monitor its implementation and to provide expert and consultative support in implementing specific provisions of the Agreement. To accomplish this task, the Ukrainian side of the Platform will consolidate competent civil society organizations, which specialize in the topics defined by the Association Agreement, and which support the European integration of Ukraine.    

The structure of the Ukrainian side of the Platform will be based on the contents of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and will comprise the following groups:

  1. EU-Ukraine political dialog, foreign and security policy
  2. Non-tariff measures, protective measures, customs clearance (including rules to establish the country of origin of goods)
  3. Tariff measures, transitional periods, exclusions, trade regime with third countries
  4. Technical regulations, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, geographical indications, product safety
  5. Trade in services (including protection of consumers), movement of capital, establishment and maintenance of enterprises
  6. Democratic reforms, rule of law
  7. Human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination
  8. Fighting corruption and fraud, state finance, public procurement, competition policy (including state aid)
  9. Migration policy (including asylum policy), labour migration, visa policy
  10. Industrial, scientific and technical cooperation, copyright protection, information society
  11. Environment
  12. Energy and transportation
  13. Employment, labour rights, safe and healthy work environment, social policy
  14. Education and training, youth
  15. Cross-border and interregional cooperation

Each of the abovementioned 15 thematic groups will elect its head. Heads of the groups will form the Ukrainian side of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform.

The Ukrainian side of the Platform will commence at the Constituent Assembly, location and time for which will be announced later.

The Initiative group encourages to widely disseminate information about the establishment process for the Ukrainian Civil Society Platform to the widest variety of civil society groups, and invites the official bodies of Ukraine and the EU to observe and foster the establishment of the Platform.

Propositions on qualification criteria, thematic groups, rules of conduct for participation in the Ukrainian side of the Platform and on agenda of the Constituent Assembly of the Ukrainian side of the Platform are welcomed at by 30 June 2014.

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The Initiative Group:

Vasyl Andreev, Federation of Professional Unions of Ukraine

Rostyslav Dzundza, NGO “Bureau of Social and Political Developments”

Robert Khorolskyy, NGO “Association of Tax Advisors”

Rodion Kolyshko, Federation of Employers

Dmytro Shulga, International Renaissance Foundation

Oleksandr Sushko, National Coordinator of the UNP EaP CSF, Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation

Vadym Triuhan, Political Association “People Power” 

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